Douglas Karr Named A Top Business Transformation Influencer for 2022

Douglas Karr Named A Top Business Transformation Influencer for 2022

One of the reasons that Manash and I decided to partner with Douglas was his long history of working on every side of digital technology. In our work at ExactTarget (now Salesforce Marketing Cloud), Douglas was instrumental in driving innovation with the platform’s integration capabilities and he assisted the world’s largest organizations implement solutions that were unparalleled in the industry.

When Douglas left the company, he started another content platform that sold to Oracle. He launched a regional social media platform that exploded in growth. He then consulted with venture capitalists on over $4 billion worth of acquisitions in the MarTech industry… assisting in the valuation and roadmap development for dozens of companies that dominate the industry. And… during it all, he also published his findings on Martech Zone… a leading publication online for sales and marketing professionals to research, learn, and discover technologies.

With all of this under his belt, Douglas never moved far from his core… the implementation of digital solutions to drive business success. He launched a full-service digital marketing agency that helped brands large and small to drive results – including GoDaddy, Angi, Chase, and dozens of others. Simultaneously, you could find him advising small and local businesses, though. His thirst for technology his limitless and his desire to help companies to leverage their technology is unending.

When Highbridge has a client with a limited statement of work, Douglas never fails at becoming a key advisor to the leadership of the organization regardless of the scale of the project. In fact, Douglas’ partnered with us so that he could spend more time doing what he loved – consulting and educating others on the use of technology.

Top Influencer

Business Transformation influencer

It comes as no surprise that Douglas continues to be recognized in our industry as a top influencer. Douglas has an innate ability to view every engagement from the perception of the business and their customer. 

Douglas is humble in his approach, never declaring the right solution without first weighing the pros and cons to the organization. He’s always vendor-agnostic, looking to achieve the best results based on the people, processes, and platforms that are already embedded within an organization rather than selling the next shiny object.

If you work for an organization that’s struggling to achieve a superior return on your technology investment, please reach out to me and we can see how our team can assist. 

Congratulations Douglas! Always great to see you continue to get the accolades in the industry given you don’t even seek the spotlight. It’s a testament to your hard-work and the respect you’ve gotten amongst your peers. We appreciate working with you as well!

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