Marketing Cloud First Step Package For Healthcare and Life Sciences

August 5, 2020 Douglas Karr

The team at Salesforce reached out and told us that partners typically required large engagements to launch healthcare industry companies and asked if we could do anything to help Pharmaceutical, Payer / Provider, Doctor / Patient, Health and Energy Products / Supplements, and Personal Wellness (eg. Spa & Massage) companies to quickly launch Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

We answered the call and know we can help. We’ve put together a cost-effective package to help your healthcare industry company set up your Marketing Cloud account, set up your audience, integrate your data source, and get that first campaign out the door… in two weeks.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Deliverables:

  • Account Setup
    • User Setup (Up to 5)
    • User Roles and Permissions (2 Roles)
    • Audience Upload via Flat File
    • Domain Setup*
    • Subscriber key foundation
    • Account Branding
    • Reply Mail Management Setup
    • Standard preference center launch
    • Data Source Integration (1)
    • SFMC Template setup
    • Standard Data Compliance (PHI & PII)
  • Professional Development
    • Training and Application Walk-Through
    • Sales and Marketing Opportunity
    • Stack Introduction and Familiarity
  • Campaign Execution
    • Single Campaign Setup
    • Campaign Execution
    • Campaign Measurement and Review

We do have some restrictions:

  • Timely Response Required to Requests
  • Single Campaign Setup and Execution
  • * Private IP adds 4 weeks
  • Customer Provides Content
  • Client Provides Resources
  • US Dollars
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Douglas Karr

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