Highbridge | Salesforce Partners


Highbridge serves the financial technology, health and life sciences, retail, and non-profit industries.

Our Customers.

We partner with businesses across every industry to drive their digital transformation. Whether it’s a new implementation, migration, or expansion – we have the experience and expertise.

Financial Technology

Technology has created a relationship gap between consumers and their financial technology partners. We’ve developed and implemented customer strategies that bridge the gap and provide real engagement – improving retention, acquisition, and increased customer value.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

We have partnered with the world’s largest healthcare and life sciences companies to develop their people, processes, and platforms globally. From custom education programs through proprietary automation, we are enabling innovation to soar and impacting real transformation.

Retail and Ecommerce

The customer’s journey is enabled through technological advancements. From research through to mobile commerce, the organizations that are rapidly adopting technology are providing customer experiences that are taking market share away from slower competitors. We are enabling the customer’s experience beyond the imagination.

Education and Non-Profit

Harnessing technology to provide a 360-degree view of your organization’s mission is an imperative to its ability to make change. Our extensive experience in the education and .org spaces will help you to fully leverage technology to transform your organization.