Highbridge Partner: Jebbit

June 10, 2020 Douglas Karr


Engaging Experiences

Jebbit’s no-code builder offers a plethora of design features with everything you need to make engaging customer experiences that generate the data to your marketing to the next level via improved personalization and higher customer lifetime value.

Get started quickly with the Template Gallery, which offers dozens of pre-built frameworks for creating experiences based on your goals — from simple surveys & lead forms to fun, interactive experiences such as a shoppable product match quiz.

When you’re ready to share your experience with the world, launch it anywhere you can put a URL – social, email, owned web, and more – for multichannel personalization without any extra work.


Consumer Preferences

The crux of the Jebbit platform is its ability to tie engaging customer experiences to the data you need to better understand and market to your audience.

Jebbit connects your questions to Attributes, the specific data fields that reveal what drives each consumer’s behavior. These are the data points – like intent, motivation, preference – that are essential in providing a personalized experience but cannot be inferred from transactional data or bought from 3rd-party lists.

With the Salesforce integration, Jebbit sends this data directly to your Salesforce instance as it’s collected. Use it for improved segmentation, new buyer discovery, or to create more comprehensive Customer 360 profiles.


Data to Drive Lifetime Value

The data you collect with Jebbit is only as good as what you do with it. That’s why Jebbit empowers you to easily act on the data it helps you gather.

Strike while the iron is hot to provide simple, in-the-moment personalization via trigger emails and text messages. Or, seamlessly integrate Jebbit with your Salesforce instance to enhance your entire CRM. Offer personalized emails via Marketing Cloud, or use Audience Studio to provide on-site personalization that delivers exactly what your customers are looking for.

Get started today. See the combined power of Jebbit & Salesforce for yourself.

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