With over 30% growth, year over year, there’s no questioning the incredible innovation that Salesforce has brought the market. The demand is so high that Salesforce has committed to investing in more partners to drive digital transformation with their clients.

In our 15+ years of working with enterprise organizations, we continue to see the same 4 issues:

  • Businesses lack clearly defined goals and direction only 44% of businesses say they’re extremely confident in their organization’s ability to achieve its vision for growth and 4% aren’t confident at all.
  • Businesses struggle to unify customer experiences across channels and mediums – only 51% of businesses say their organization addresses specific user needs across all platforms
  • Businesses have legacy mindsets that create barriers for digital transformation – 76% of businesses say their department competes with other departments in their organization for resources and/or budget.
  • Businesses operate on outdated systems which hinder the ability to improve digital experiences – 84% say their organization has disparate legacy systems that impact the speed of development of new digital experiences

Through these years, we realized that there were amazing partner companies that could execute on Salesforce company’s visions. However, our leadership were brought in over and over to help companies actually develop that vision. While companies fully recognize that they need to digitally transform, they are overwhelmed with the options, priorities, resources, and platforms that exist.

More and more, we were helping companies and Salesforce partners develop the people, processes, and understand how to best leverage a technology investment. With Salesforce’s commitment to expand their partners and our unique experience and expertise, we knew that our services were more in demand than ever. With our roots working at Salesforce – in product management, integration, and business development, we knew we had a world-class team. Our work in the ecosystem the last 15 years for Salesforce and their partner companies was in greater and greater demand – so we merged the team and launched our own consulting firm.

We are Highbridge. And we’re help to help you digitally transform your company, to maximize the return on your technology investment, and to develop innovative and engaging customer experiences that drive measurable business results.

Source of survey data: Pointsource


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