Marketing Initiative Checklist PDF (Free Download)

August 26, 2020 Douglas Karr

One issue that we continue to see with regard to digital transformation is that companies tend to focus on the platform – from implementation, integration, and usage – but not on optimizing each marketing initiative or campaign. A good discipline for marketers is to ask a series of questions before, during, and after each initiative to maximize the impact of every marketing effort.

The Marketing Initiative Checklist

  1. What is the audience for this marketing initiative?
  2. Where is the audience for this marketing initiative?
  3. What resources need to be allocated to this marketing initiative?
  4. Are there other efforts that we can coordinate to maximize this initiative’s results?
  5. How will you measure whether this initiative is successful?
  6. When can you test and validate your hypothesis?
  7. What did you learn from this marketing initiative that can be applied to the next?

Download the Checklist PDF

Marketing Initiative Checklist


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Douglas Karr

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