First Step Package First Step Package

While we work primarily with medium to large enterprise organizations, we don’t exclude small non-profits. The team at reached out and told us that salesforce partners typically required large engagements to launch clients and asked if we could do anything to serve small non-profits that were launching Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

We answered the call and know we can help… especially in times of need as we’re in today. We’ve put together a cost-effective package to help your non-profit set up your account, import your contacts, and get that first campaign out the door… in two weeks.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Deliverables:

  • Configure up to 5 Marketing Cloud Users
  • Configure up to 2 User Roles and Permissions
  • Import your audience via flat file
  • Setup your domain
  • Provide you a foundation of subscriber keys
  • Account Branding
  • Reply Mail Management Set up
  • Standard Preference Center Launch
  • Walk thru training
  • Marketing Cloud template

We do have some restrictions:

  • We are only setting up your first campaign.
  • We are configuring your account on a shared IP, not a dedicated IP.
  • We aren’t integrating any third-party data sources.
  • We aren’t implementing any automation sequences.
  • You must provide the content for any messaging.
  • The timeline is based on the client providing all resources and timely responses.

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