Infographic Research, Design, and Promotion for the Fashion Industry

Infographic Research, Design, and Promotion for the Fashion Industry

Infographic Research, Design, and Promotion for the Fashion Industry

Fashion Infographic Research, Design, and Promotion

When you’re launching a new brand or seeking to expand the reach of a current brand, there’s really no opportunity like publishing an infographic. You can read about all the benefits and steps in development of an infographic on my Martech Zone post, What Is An Infographic?.

We developed the entire brand, eCommerce stack, and marketing technology stack for Closet52 – a Shopify Plus instance where you can buy dresses online. While we’ve been gaining momentum with search and are now starting to drive awareness of the brand through social media, we wanted to produce an infographic that would drive:

  • Brand awareness – the infographic would harness the logo and branding guide we developed for them.
  • Social following – the infographic incorporates a subject that is of interest to influencers and fashionistas on social media.
  • Search engine ranking – the infographic could be easily shared on other fashion publications online with a link back to the Closet52 domain to improve its search engine visibility.

We researched topics and questions in our keyword research platform where there was low competition but a high volume of searches for a specific topic. Then, we broke down each of the competing sites to see what they had and had not done to achieve ranking. The end result was that there were some very old sites and a video on the History of Dresses… but no infographic or long-copy article.

With the help of the brand’s internal copywriter, we wrote both a long-copy article we could publish on their fashion blog as well as a short version that we could embed directly in the infographic. We even incorporated specific dresses that the brand sells that have the fashion trends mentioned in the article.

We’re now doing outreach with blogs and publications as well as social media promotion to get the word out on the infographic. It’s already trending nicely on garnering traffic on the site and acquiring relevant links to the brand.

If you’re in need of a full-service agency to assist you with your infographic strategy or your search engine optimization, feel free to schedule an appointment on our site. We really love researching and designing these for our brands. Over the last decade, I’ve designed, produced, and published dozens of infographics for key brands and they always produce well when incorporated into your overall marketing strategy.

And I’d encourage you to see how beautiful the entire article is… here’s the infographic:

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