Marketing Cloud and Pardot Responsive Email Template Designs

August 20, 2020
August 20, 2020 Douglas Karr

As leaders in the Salesforce ecosystem, we’re always looking to assist our clients to maximize their return on investment on the platforms we’re integrating and implementing for them. One area that we see other partners fall down is on their email template designs. They’ll typically charge for a template design that has a couple of elements and is mobile responsive… but lacks the interactive and engaging elements that email affords.

It’s not an easy task. Email clients all have conflicting and frustrating rendering capabilities… writing hundreds of exceptions and workarounds may be typical. Coding requires exceptional experience as well as comprehensive testing to ensure your subscribers are seeing what you expect them too.

When delivering a template, it’s important to build out elements that maximize the capabilities of the medium. That doesn’t mean you have to incorporate every element today… but a well-designed and documented template can enable you the flexibility that you need tomorrow to incorporate new and exciting features. We try to anticipate those needs for our clients by developing templates that accommodate tons of features:

  • Personalized Content
  • Dynamic Content
  • Background tiles and images
  • Countdowns
  • Responsive columns
  • Blog posts
  • Ecommerce / Shopping Cart Contents
  • Product Grids
  • Alerts and Call-outs
  • Buttons
  • And even embedded Videos

We’ll also provide documentation that includes screenshots of the email across all major email clients. One note on this… we can design templates for any email platform or email API. If you’d a quote, just contact us on the form below.

Here’s a sample of the complexity that we can incorporate into a template:

Mobile Version

This is a screenshot of the mobile rendering of the email. If you’d like to see the email in a new window where you can view it on a desktop or a mobile device, click here.

Desktop Version

This is a screenshot of the desktop rendering of the email. If you’d like to see the email in a new window where you can view it on desktop or a mobile device, click here.

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